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Quick Tips

Helping you understand your car better, these quick tips will provide you with easy lessons and information you can start applying now.
Discover what your dashboard symbols mean, how to save gas, weird ways to make your car shine and much more.
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Knowing the simple vehicle anatomy and where everything is located can help you better understand the car lingo. A little extra information about how each part was invented adds a notch in your language of cars.

Learn the difference between specific car terms with this available cheat sheet. Become a car expert and understand what needs service or replacement and why it's important.

A warning symbol could appear on your dashboard unexpectedly, meaning something in your car's system isn't functioning properly. It's important to understand what each symbol mean and whether or not you need to see a service advisor immediately, or have time to arrive at your destination and seek attention at a later time.

Due to debris, potholes or simply because of wear and tear, your tires will eventually lose its keep, which may result in a flat. A flat tire may occur without any warning, which is why it's important to know how to change a flat tire properly. In just a few simple steps, you'll be on the road once again.

Your engine's oil is a mixture of additive components and base oils designed to perform multiple tasks. By not checking your oil, or even skipping an oil change, you are risking the life of your engine. Learn how to check your oil and whether or not it needs to be filled or changed.

Have you ever smelt something that isn't quite right while driving and just ignored it, hoping it will go away? There are indications that something is seriously wrong with your car which can easily be detected with the help of your nose.

Gas prices are always changing; some days offer cheap prices and like most other days, the amount just keeps rising. Without any recollection, we may be potentially wasting our fuel by doing or not doing everyday simple tasks. Learn how to save your gas and your dollar.

Have you ever wondered what a can of Coke can do for your car's windows? Or what toothpaste can do to the stains on your leather seats? Here are a few weird ways to make your car shine; using products you may have not known that can take away an odor that doesn't seem to want to go away or those stains that just won't come off.