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Vehicle Warning Smells

Wear and tear becomes apparent on your vehicle as time goes on, which means important parts may begin to break down and eventually needs professional attention. There are 6 vehicle warning smells your nose can diagnose that can help prevent costly and irreparable damage:

1. Syrup: The smell of sweet syrup could mean that your vehicle's engine is leaking. Caution: Do not open the radiator cap when hot.
2. Gasoline: This smell is likely connected to a gas leak whether it's a fuel injector line or fuel tank. Caution: The smell of fuel is a possible fire hazard which needs immediate attention.
3. Hot Oil: The smell of hot oil could mean oil is leaking onto the exhaust system. Look for oil on the pavement under your vehicle or smoke coming from the engine. Caution: Turn off the engine before checking for a possible leak.
4. Burnt Rubber: This smell could mean a slipping drive belt or loose hoses rubbing against rotating drive pulleys. Caution: Do not inspect if the engine is still hot.
5. Burning Carpet: This smell could be an indication there's a problem with your brakes. If the smell is happening during normal driving conditions, have your vehicle checked right away. Caution: Brake trouble is a serious safety hazard.
6. Rotten Eggs: The smell of rotten eggs may mean the catalytic converter is not converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust properly. Caution: A poor running engine can cause the catalytic converter to fail due to overloading.