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Frequently Asked Questions about Honda Vehicles

FAQs about Honda Vehicles

At Number 7 Honda, we are committed to offering Honda vehicles and services to customers in Woodridge, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. Have any questions for us? Keep reading to find our frequently asked questions!

  • What Makes Number 7 Honda Unique Compared to Other Dealerships?

At Number 7 Honda, we go beyond just providing vehicles and services by creating a sense of community with our customers. We develop and maintain good relationships and give our customers the respect they deserve. We even go the extra mile to make the car buying and servicing experience a lot easier by prolonging our service hours and offering next-level customer service.

  • Why is it Important for My Vehicle to be Serviced at a Honda Dealership?

There are many benefits to having your vehicle serviced at a Honda dealership. A certified Honda dealership has factory-trained technicians who are well versed with Honda cars and engines. They will repair your vehicle accordingly using genuine OEM parts to restore it to its original functioning conditions. Visit our Service Centre for more information or to book a service appointment.

  • How Do I Find the Right Honda for Me?

Our convenient CarFinder tool helps you find the right Honda that fits your needs. Just answer some questions about your preferred vehicle models, make, and year, and we will find the right car for you. Browse our new Honda inventory to see available models.

  • Is it Better to Lease or Finance?

Buying or leasing a car will depend on its intended purpose, how much you can pay, how often you plan to upgrade to a new vehicle, and how many kilometres you will be driving. Use these factors to select the most economical option between lease and financing. Visit our Finance Centre to learn more.

  • What Does the Honda Plus Extended Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers the main parts of your brakes, steering, ABS, and suspension systems. It also covers various electrical components and the heating and air conditioning system. Contact us to learn more about our warranties and pricing or if you have any additional questions.