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What Are Your Options at the End of a Lease?

Leasing is a popular and compelling option when it comes to your next vehicle. Once your term is over and your payments are made, there are plenty of ways for you to go, whether you sign on for another lease or choose to go the financing route. Luckily, Number 7 Honda is here to fill you in on what you can do at the end of your lease. Find out more below and contact our dealership in Woodbridge, Ontario for further details.

Early Lease Exit

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    Leasing Options

    At lease's end, you can return your vehicle to our dealership and begin your search for a new one with our sales staff's help. One of leasing's perks is to enjoy an attractive model from our new inventory every few years, and we'll be happy to facilitate. Another compelling option is to take over someone else's lease payments at lower costs and fees, and remember to get well acquainted with the existing terms before you sign. If you've grown attached to your current car and would like to properly make it yours, you can always purchase it once your lease is up - which is known as leasing to own. This will help you build equity as you make your regular payments, and the car will be yours once you've seen your payment plan through.

    Financing a Vehicle

    You don't have to go the leasing route again once your term is up. If you prefer to make your next car yours for the long haul, we'll be thrilled to guide you through the purchase process. Buying a car comes with many perks, as the payment plan allows you to build equity and you can always pay off more than usual if and when it's convenient for you. Furthermore, the car will be yours to own once your payments are completed, and if you'd like to save more when ironing out the terms of your automotive purchase, trade-ins are always welcome. Our online appraisal tool will provide you with an estimated trade-in value, after which we'll collaborate with you to determine a sales price and work it into your new agreement.

    Buying a Honda in Woodbridge is made easy with Number 7 Honda's Finance Centre, as we offer flexible financing options that suit your situation and accommodate your needs. Get in touch with our dealership today, and we'll make your new purchase stress- and hassle-free.