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Saving Gas

Driving a vehicle has become a necessity for most people nowadays. Whether you use your vehicle to commute to work everyday or simply to get around town, one thing's for sure; we need gas. Unless you drive a hybrid, saving on gas is a must which is why we've listed 5 simple steps below to help you save it:

1. Don't fill completely
Don't worry about completely topping off your gas when it's time to fill up. All of the additional gas tends to seep out, so don't waste your money on gas that isn't going to be used.

3. Replace Air Filters

Air filters should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. When the air filter clogs with dirt and dust, the engine has to work harder, causing your vehicle to become less fuel-efficient.

2. Check your Tire Pressure
Make sure your tires are at the recommended pressure listed in your owner's manual. You should be checking your tire pressure once a month when your tires are cold (they haven't been driven for a long period of time).

4. Use the Proper Oil
Using the right type of oil can improve your mileage by 1-2 percent. Be sure to check your manufacturer's recommended motor oil. Honda owners are recommended to use Genuine Honda Oil 0W-20 because of its thin properties and protection.

5. Find Shade
Sitting in the hot sun all day can cause fuel to evaporate from your gas tank. Seek shade for your vehicle as much as possible.