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Winter Tire Change in Woodbridge, ON

Winter Tire Change in Woodbridge, ON

Winter Tire Changeover in Woodbridge, Ontario

Is There A Right Time To Switch To Winter Tires?

While we enjoy the Canadian hot summer months, it is always wise to remember that Canadian winters are unavoidably just around the corner, which, unfortunately, can be extremely harsh. At Number 7 Honda, we want you to understand the must-haves and auto necessities associated with winter driving, winter road conditions in Woodbridge ON, and tire maintenance. And there is no better time to prepare for the winter months to come than right now.

Changing your all seasons or summer tires to snow tires is an essential task that can make a tremendous difference in road safety during the winter. Experts recommend using snow tires once the temperature is consistently 7 degrees Celsius or lower. In Woodbridge, this is usually around late October to early November. And while the weather can be unpredictable, you want to be sure to change to winter tires at the right time. You do not want to wait too long, nor do you want to put on snow tires earlier than you should. So, how do you know when is the right time to get this done and prepare your Honda for winter?

If you are searching for the best place to change your tires, visit us at Number 7 Honda in Woodbridge, Ontario. We carry a quality selection of tires for various vehicle types to help better navigate our harsh Canadian winters. Visit our online Tire Centre to find the perfect tires for your needs.

Why Is Tire Maintenance and Winter Tire Change Important?

Winter tires and tire maintenance are a critical investment for any vehicle. They not only keep you, your loved ones, and others safe on the road, but they also provide you with superior traction over all-season tires. If you can't decide when to put on your winter tires, contact us to speak with our Service Centre technicians, or consider these factors:


Manufacturers recommend using winter tires when the average daily temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius. But you will also want to consider other frequent weather factors such as snow, freezing rain, ice, and slush. The rubber compound used in all-season and summer tires freezes and is more rigid when temperatures are at 7 degrees Celsius or lower. Whereas, winter tires are made with material compounds that stay pliable and soft even in low temperatures, allowing for superior handling and better traction.


Some drivers wait until the first snowfall to switch to winter tires or conduct tire maintenance. This can be dangerous. The tires you currently use are not equipped for winter temperatures and road conditions, placing you at risk of an accident. Waiting for the winter season to officially start means that you may see a delay in scheduling a service appointment or having to wait to buy the winter tires you need due to demand. Visit our Parts Centre to find the optimal winter tire set for your vehicle today for a worry-free tomorrow.

Winter Tire Change Near Me

Here at Number 7 Honda, we carry quality tires that are made to fit your vehicle and promote road safety. Our quality selection of Michelin winter tires is specifically made to push away snow and slush for better grip on the road, increasing traction on slippery or wet terrain. If you own a new Honda, it's best to equip it with the highest quality tires to avoid or mitigate collisions resulting in damage or injury to you, your passengers, your car, or others on the road. That is why our expertly trained staff at our Service Centre recommend switching to Michelin tires for the best fit on your new Honda. If you need assistance choosing the best tires for your vehicle, don't hesitate to contact us or visit us in-store. Our knowledgeable staff will happily guide you through the tire purchasing process and help you select the best tires for your car. Visit us today and experience the Number 7 Honda difference!

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