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Winter Tires

Winter Tire Information:
The right time to change to winter tires is when the temperature reaches 7°C (45° F) or below.

Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter tires help reduce braking distances on cold, wet, ice and snow covered roads. The braking distance of a winter tire compared to an all-season tire can be up to 25% shorter, lessening the risk of an accident. All-season tires turn hard and lose their elasticity when temperatures are below 7°C which causes reduced traction, resulting in longer stopping distances as well as reduced handling and cornering capability.

Winter tires contain silica which is a compound that keeps the tire flexible in cold temperatures and ensures exceptional grip and braking on wet roads. Winter tires also contain significantly more sipes than all-season tires. Sipes are small narrow slots moulded into the ribs of the tread which are designed to increase the traction edges of the tire to improve the grip on wet pavement.

Will All-Season Tires Suffice?
All-season tires are intended to provide acceptable traits under a wide variety of conditions but also limit them of being perfect in one particular condition. The all-season tire tread designs and compounds that are engineered to extend mileage and durability in the heat of the summer are less effective in the freezing winter. The safest and best bet is to prepare for the harsh winter to come by purchasing winter tires designed for unexpected road conditions.

Getting Winter Tires will not only benefit you, it will benefit your insurance:

Since 2013, the Liberal Government has voted to bring down the premiums that Ontario drivers pay and since January 1, 2016, the new insurance requirements mean you could see a 3-5% discount if you have winter tires. Although this requirement is beneficial, it's important to pay attention to the small print of your insurance; some companies may only provide the discount if your winter tires have been in place between December 1 to March 31, others may require until the end of April. The discount is also made per car. If you have winter tires on one, but not the other, the discount will be cut in half.

All in all, winter tires are the safest and smartest option for our Canadian winters. Help reduce the risk of accidents as well as your insurance rate by buying and installing a set of 4 winter tires. Come see us today!

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