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Warning Lights

The dashboard is the main communication device from your vehicle that reports problems to the driver. The vehicle essentially self-diagnoses itself by internal computer systems that store codes in its memory which triggers a light to indicate what is not functioning properly. With the wide range of sensors that are continuing to expand as cars become more technological and refined, many problems can be detected before major mechanical complications occur. Not all warning signals are universal; if you are not 100% sure, refer to your owner's manual.

What can go wrong?

Unexpectedly, any sensor may go off, even while driving. You may encounter various sensors at once or one that is flashing. When a warning light is flashing,; your vehicle is signaling to you that something is seriously wrong and is in need of immediate attention.
What can you do?

If a warning light appears on the dashboard, stop as soon as possible in a safe place. By studying what each symbol mean (from your owner's manual), you should be able to establish whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you may continue to your destination and wait for a technician to investigate at a later time. Never leave a warning light and hope for it to disappear; always seek professional attention to diagnose the problem before more occur.