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Traffic Sign Recognition

What is Honda Traffic Sign Recognition

An extra set of eyes on the road is always helpful, especially when there are so many distractions around us nowadays. With the purchase of 2018 or newer Honda Accord, from Number 7 Honda in Woodbridge, you can now reap the benefits of specifically designed Honda safety features. One of these features includes Traffic Sign Recognition from Honda.

What are Traffic Sign Recognition benefits?

Traffic Sign Recognition is a system that sees and chronicles the road signs that your Honda passes on your drive. It uses this information to remind you of the current speed limit with a large icon in the centre of the speedometer and in the centre of the head-up display when the system is set to "Main" mode. When "Main" mode is off, this information is displayed with a small icon to the right of the speedometer and above your vehicle's current speed on the head-up display. When on unfamiliar roads and during long drives this feature can be very helpful, allowing you to assess your surroundings and operate your vehicle safely. For more information on Traffic Sign Recognition, contact our staff today.