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Tips to Prepare Your Honda for Spring

Tips to Prepare Your Honda for Spring


Tips to Prepare Your Honda for Spring


Winter can take a big toll on your vehicle. Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s a good time to prepare for warmer weather and fix any issues you’ve been putting off. Snow, salt, slush, and ice can take a lot out of your vehicle and keeping up with your regular maintenance schedule is ideal for keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Here at Number 7 Honda, we have compiled some top tips for preparing your vehicle for spring. Keep reading to learn more!


Swap Out Your Winter Tires


Once the weather starts to consistently rise above seven degrees Celsius, it is essential that you swap out your winter tires for all-seasons or summer tires. Winter tires are made for freezing temperatures, increasing traction on slippery roads with snow or ice. As a result, these tires can wear out much quicker and reduce fuel economy if kept on during warm or hot temperatures. If you need assistance swapping your tires out, visit our Service Centre to schedule an appointment.


Check Your Fluid Levels


Checking your engine oil, coolant levels, washer fluid, and other necessary fluids your vehicle needs to run is essential for your Honda’s optimal performance. It is recommended to get your oil changed every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometres. While changing your oil, be sure to replace the oil filters as well. Contact us today to schedule an oil/filter change appointment.


Replace Your Windshield Wipers


Wiping off snow and ice from your windshield can cause breakage in the rubber of your wipers over time. Furthermore, the freezing temperatures that come with Ontario’s winters can cause premature wear and tear on your wipers. Spring is known for heavy rainfall, and it is recommended that you change your wipers if squeaking or streaking occurs.


Clean Your Vehicle


Finally, giving your vehicle a deep clean at the end of winter can help your vehicle sparkle in the sunlight. Be sure to clean your Honda with soap and water on the exterior, applying a wax finish for enhanced paint protection and shine.

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