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How Important are Regular Oil Change?

Oil Change Services in Woodbridge, ON

How Important Are Regular Oil Changes?

We all know that we must get our vehicles' oil changed regularly. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? Despite the inconvenience of scheduling a service appointment and paying for this routine maintenance, getting your oil changed is one of the least expensive maintenance requirements your vehicle needs. Having your oil changed regularly and on schedule plays a crucial role in preserving and saving you money down the road.

Oil is what keeps many components of the engine working efficiently, and it helps to reduce the accumulation of carbon collection. Our vehicles engine can get extremely hot from the many small elements working together to deliver a smooth Honda ride. The engine oil helps pull heat away, and as it does this, it becomes less like liquid and more like a dark sludge. No matter how good the oil is, over time, it degrades as the additives get used up. And that is why consistent oil changes are vital for any vehicle.

How Often Should You have Your Engine Oil Changed?

Our Service Technicians, at Number 7 Honda, are frequently asked, "how often do I need to have my oil changed and what kind of oil do you recommend?". The answer to these questions depends on your vehicles' make and model, and your driving habits. This is where your owner's manual will come in handy, or when you contact us for a Honda Service Consultation. When you bring your vehicle to our proficient Service Centre for your scheduled oil change in Woodbridge, ON, our factory-trained technicians can review your vehicle specifications with you and help you set up a routine service plan.

If you don't think you have the resources or time to get your oil changed and you choose to wait, eventually, your engine oil will get worse, become more like sludge, and clog your engine. Every vehicle's engine is expensive to clean, and replacing defective or damaged parts is not a repair bill you want to receive, especially if it can be avoided. The bottom line, it is definitely worth your time and the minimal cost to pay to get your engine running smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.

Why Choose Number 7 Honda For Your Honda Service Needs in Woodbridge, ON?

Low Competitive Pricing

We understand that your Honda is a precious and valued asset. And we want to help you maintain your vehicle at minimal costs. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your Honda and less time worrying about auto repair bills. At Number 7 Honda, we strive to keep the lowest prices for Honda Services in Woodbridge, ON. Check out our Service Centre for more information.

Only Factory-Trained Technicians At Number 7 Honda

You can relax knowing your car is being serviced by only the best. We only hire factory-trained, experienced technicians who will 100% handle your vehicle with the expertise and care it deserves. Schedule your service appointment online and service your Honda the right way, the Honda way.

Enjoy Our Amenities

We understand some service appointments take longer than others. That's why we offer many free amenities while you wait. Relax in our lounge, enjoy our free WIFI, sip on a complimentary beverage, or browse our showroom to check out the latest Honda models available.

Genuine Honda Parts and Accessories

At every Honda service, we use only genuine Honda parts and accessories for your Honda vehicle. By using genuine Honda parts, we ensure your vehicle is outfitted with components designed specifically for your Honda model vehicle, and the manufacturer's warranty remains intact. Check out our Parts Centre for your Honda genuine part or accessory today.