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Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System

While most people rely on their smartphones and apps to get them places, the use of these devices during vehicle operation may be distracting. A better way to plan your route is by using Honda's Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is Honda's exclusive, real-time navigation system that uses GPS and a map database to plan your route. By using both voice commands and system controls Honda has once again engineered a safer approach to staying connected while you drive.

At Number 7 Honda, all automotive consumers in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, and Bolton, are invited to browse our latest Honda models for sale and check out Honda's convenient, easy to use Satellite-Linked Navigation System.

How Does Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System Work?

The screen of the vehicle's Display Audio System shows the main map, with your highlighted route. Behind the wheel, on the Driver Information Interface, you will find more information regarding your route. This screen shows the street name of your next point, the distance to this next point, and your current and upcoming route directions. The map generated for your route features many customizable options to help create a personalized map based on the driver's preference. You can plan a route to avoid traffic or find new destinations by searching through popular categories. You can even view the map in 3D.

To reduce the potential of driver distraction, certain manual functions may be inoperable or grayed out while the vehicle is moving. Voice commands are always available.

  • Steering Wheel Controls - Use the steering wheel controls to give voice commands.
    • Talk Button Tips - The system recognizes commands in the Voice Command Index, see Voice Portal Commands.
      • When using the Talk button, wait for a beep before saying a command.
      • To bypass the system prompts, simply press the Talk button again to say your command
      • Speak in a clear, natural voice
      • Reduce all background noise
      • Adjust the dashboard vents away from the microphone in the ceiling.
      • Close the windows and moonroof

It is important to remember, Using the navigation system while driving can take your attention away from the road. Operate system controls only when the conditions permit you to safely do so. Contact us for more information or consult your Honda Owner's Manual for more information.

Test Drive A Honda Vehicle Today

If you want to learn more about Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation we recommend you schedule a time to test drive a new Honda model vehicle equipped with this feature. And, don't forget to ask our Number 7 Honda Finance Specialists about promotions, incentives, and special finance/lease options available when you purchase a new or certified pre-owned Honda.