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Honda Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)

Stay on the Road, Honda Road Departure Mitigation

Keeping your eyes on the road when driving is very important. Not only is it important for your safety, but also the care of your passengers and others on the road. Honda understands the importance of safety and recognizes that distractions happen, which can lead to accidents. Why not have an extra set of eyes on the road when the drive gets rough? With Honda's latest driver-assist safety innovations, including the Honda Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System, your new Honda can help prevent or reduce the severity of collisions.

What is Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) and How Does it Work?

Honda's RDM system is a safety feature available with HondaSensing technologies. This system uses a camera in the windshield to detect if your Honda is going to cross its detected lane markings. It activates at speeds of approximately 70-145 km/h and when the turning signal is not utilized when approaching the edges of its lane. RDM will alert the driver with a visual cue on the screen behind the steering wheel. If the driver fails to take action after alerts are given, the RDM system can try to keep the vehicle navigate back in its lane with the use of steering torque, and by vibrating the steering wheel.

You can easily turn the RDM system on or off by pressing the RDM button found to the left of the steering wheel. The button will illuminate a green light when the RDM system is on.

To change your RDM settings you must:

  • Place the vehicle in park
  • Access your settings through the home screen on the main dashboard.
  • Press the vehicle option
  • Select Road Departure Mitigation Setting. From there you will have a choice of 3 options:
    • Normal - This is the default mode. RDM will control the steering wheel from inside the lane's edge
    • Wide - RDM will control the steering wheel from outside the lane's edge
    • Warning Only - RDM will only display a visual warning, on the screen behind the steering wheel

If you are unsure about the operation of the RDM system or have any questions, please contact us or refer to your Honda Owner's Manual.

Test Drive a Honda Vehicle Today

If you want to learn more about HondaSensing technologies, and the Road Departure Mitigation System, we recommend you schedule a time to test drive a new Honda model vehicle equipped with this safety feature. Don't forget to ask our Number 7 Honda Finance Specialists about promotions, incentives, and special finance/lease options available when you purchase a new or certified pre-owned Honda.