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Honda Payment Protection in Woodbridge, Ontario

Honda Payment Protection | Number 7 Honda

Honda Payment Protection at Number 7 Honda

At Number 7 Honda, we can guarantee that you will find your just-right car that meets the needs of your lifestyle and budget. But once you find that car and finalize your finance or lease terms, you must protect your investment in the event of an unfortunate life event. At Number 7 Honda, we offer a selection of Honda warranties and protection plans. In addition to the apparent programs designed to protect you from unexpected costs due to mechanical breakdowns, routine maintenance, roadside emergencies, and vehicle damage, Honda Canada also offers payment protection. Honda ownership in Woodbridge can give you peace of mind knowing your car and credit rating will always be protected.

At Number 7 Honda, automotive consumers from Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, and Toronto, know we can take care of all your financing needs with quick and easy credit approvals. But have you given thought about who would take care of your vehicle loan payments in the event you are unable to? Honda Payment Protection protects the owner, and their loved ones, from financial responsibility regarding their vehicle purchase in the event of an unfortunate life event.

Honda Plus Payment Protection Plan Coverage

With anything in life, it is critical to prepare for the unexpected. Vehicle ownership is no exception. With the Honda Plus Warranty Payment Protection Plan, we will step in if you are unable to pay your loan obligations. And, the best part about Honda's Protection Plan, you can choose the protection you want. Learn more about Honda's coverage options below or contact us for more information.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance coverage is affordable security that will satisfy the balance of your vehicle lease or loan, leave your estate with the value of the vehicle instead of the liability of the debt, and sustains the worth of all your other existing insurance policies.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance can help cover your vehicle payments if you are unable to work or are confined to your home (hospitalization is not mandatory). This benefit will carry on until you can return to work.

Critical Illness

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, Critical Illness Protection will pay the balance of your vehicle lease or loan. With your car loan paid off, any additional insurance benefits can help where you need it most. Critical illness eligibility includes heart attack, stroke, malignant cancer, paralysis, organ transplant, and bypass surgery.

Loss of Employment Insurance

If you involuntarily lose your job, this Honda insurance protection will cover your vehicle loan payment. More than one claim is permitted, and accidental injury coverage is included.