Meet Our Staff at Number 7 Honda

We want to invite new and potential customers that wonder who they would meet when they step inside our Number 7 Honda dealership to meet our exceptional staff in Woodbridge, ON. Our staff's first focus is to take care of our consumers in both sales and service. You can rely on our staff to make your purchase and ownership experience as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

When it comes to new vehicles, our Honda dealership has the most recent models. You can take a look at our latest additions.  Honda cars, sedans, and SUVs have earned a reputation for being economical, dependable, and long-lasting vehicles. We're thrilled to offer you a tour of our showroom that features our best-selling models and competitively priced deals.

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Management Team

Chuck Via, General Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 236

Languages: Italian

Chris Mortazavi, Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 267

Tony Bellissimo, Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 245

Languages: Italian

Alex Alhenani, Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 253


Sales Team

Vito Stea, Assistant Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 241

Languages: Eritrean, Ethiopian, Italian

Carlos Kakar, Assistant Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 271

Languages: Farsi

Simon Haileyesus, Assistant Sales Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 228

Languages: Samhain, Italian 

John Haralambakos, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 268

Jon Paletta, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 237

Victor Carvalho, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 235

Languages: Portuguese 

Deepak Sharma, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 270

Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi 

Andy Tran, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 240

Languages: Vietnamese 

Zack Khosho, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 230

Languages: Arabic, Assyria, Greek, Aarmic 

Satinder Sharma, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 248

Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujrat

Amit Singh, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 285

Languages - Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, English

Hong Anh Le, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 239

Taras Kostiv, Product Advisor
1-888-359-1496 ext. 335


Finance Team

Kent Luk, Director of Finance
1-888-359-1496 ext. 231

Languages: Cantonese

Syed Raza , Finance Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 450

Languages - Urdu, Hindi, English

Leo Jeon, Finance Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 450

Simon Kandah, Finance Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 277


Service Team

Danny Rufo, Operations Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 263

Anthony Gabrielli, Service Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 275

Mike Nicastro, Assistant Service Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 342

Jordan Yokhana, Assistant Service Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 251

Jay Del Mundo, Service Consultant
1-888-359-1496 ext. 222

Christian Fruci, Service Consultant
1-888-359-1496 ext. 281

Gary Reeves, Service Consultant
1-888-359-1496 ext. 276

Toni Pizzardi, Customer Care
1-888-359-1496 ext. 249

Patrizia Armogida, Customer Care and Warranty Administrator
1-888-359-1496 ext. 264


Parts Team

Ryan Fong, Parts Manager
1-888-359-1496 ext. 254

Zia Sayed, Parts Consultant
1-888-359-1496 ext. 255

Alan Barker, Parts Consultant
1-888-359-1496 ext. 227


Meet Our Management, Service and Parts Staff in Woodbridge, ON

Our dealership has an experienced sales team eager to assist you with your requests. If you are searching for a new or used vehicle, our sales and finance experts can assist you in selecting the perfect vehicle and guiding you through the process of purchasing or trading in your vehicle. The staff will always make every effort to schedule a suitable time for you to come in for a test drive, finalize paperwork and any other necessary procedure.

Similarly, our service staff is prepared to offer you an excellent shopping experience, from the mechanic to our after-sales service centre and everything in between. We have manufactury trained specialists with extensive expertise onboard, so you can be confident that your car is in capable hands.

Contact Number 7 Honda

Continuously striving to meet the demands of our consumers, our reviews from pleased clients after making a service appointment are among our outstanding ranking and rating reasons. When you need professional guidance and competent service specialists, contact us and ask our team for assistance and answers to all of your inquiries. We provide live assistance through our live chat, phone call or in-person support here at 5555 Highway 7 West Woodbridge, ON L4L 1T5.