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Is Your Ridgeline Winter Road Ready?

Getting your load where it needs to go gets more difficult as the temperature continues to drop. Your Ridgeline was designed to haul, whatever you need to carry, safely and effectively; however, the all-season tires that you have equipped could keep your Ridgeline from performing when you need it to. Number 7 Honda can offer you winter tires that will help you to get your load delivered wherever it needs to go. Our educated professionals will work with your availability to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Don't get stuck in the snow with your load in tow, with the help of Number 7 Honda.

What tires best suit your Ridgeline all depends on what you'd like to get out of them. Number 7 Honda's informed team will help you choose the right fit for your Ridgeline. You need your tires to perform, but reliability keeps your mind at ease while your driving through heavy snow. Make sure your tires can handle the pressure by selecting from our wide range of major tire manufacturers. Brands like GoodYear, Firestone, and Michelin have spent years developing their winter tire technology to make sure they see you safely down the road. With rubber that was formulated to provide increased elasticity under arctic weather, you can expect a much longer lifespan out of your winter tires. Many of the major brand names we carry also come with factory warranties that give you the peace of mind that, if something unexpected were to occur, you would be covered. These are just some of the ways that Number 7 Honda makes sure that you and your Ridgeline are safe and secure out in the snow

If your hauling a big load in your Ridgeline you need to know that your tires will be able to stop all that weight when you need them to. Number 7 Honda will give you the choice of many major brand names that were designed to preform in the snow. New winter tire technology will lower the sludge and ice build-up on your tires increasing the tire's connectivity with the road. The high-tech tread designs are built to give you more grip on ice and through sludge. You can expect to see up to 40 ft. less stopping distance than you would from conventional all-season tires, and when you've got a big load in tow, that can make the world of difference. With increased grip and performance you can be sure that your load will arrive safely.

Here at Number 7 Honda we've got loads of options and deals available to you from our winter tire selection. Our knowledgeable staff is here to hook you up with the best deals around for whatever you may be looking for in a winter tire. Number 7 Honda can offer you price matching on many of our major brands to save you even more money and our all-season storage special will help you clear some of the clutter out of your garage. Book a service appointment online or call and speak to any one of qualified professionals. At Number 7 Honda we've got everything you need to get your Ridgeline winter road ready.