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Honda Roadside Assistance

Honda Roadside Assistance -Number 7 Honda

Honda Road Side Assistance - Behind You, For The Road Ahead.

You should always feel safe when driving a Honda, which is why you're entitled to our complimentary Honda Roadside Assistance program when you purchase or lease a new vehicle. You can also upgrade to our Honda Plus Roadside Assistance which protects the registered vehicle, owner of the vehicle as well as any authorized driver, regardless of ownership, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Canada or the continental U.S.

Please Call: 1-800-PLUS (7587)

For a period of 3 years* starting from the date of registration, your vehicle will be under the protection of our Roadside Assistance. Our service will help minimize mechanical breakdowns, lockouts and accidents. To extend this warranty after the initial 3 years have expired, these are your options:*5 years for 2009-2014 Fit

  • $84 for 1 year
  • $170 for 3 years
  • $212 for 4 years

What does Honda Road Side Assistance Cover?

The following services are provided under the Standard Honda Roadside Assistance Program.

1. Emergency Roadside Service: If you have a flat tire, your vehicle's battery requires boosting or if you need gas delivered, assistance will be sent to your stranded vehicle.

2. Emergency Lockout Service: If you lose, break or lock your keys in your vehicle, Roadside Assistance will dispatch an authorized contractor or will transport the vehicle to the nearest Honda dealer.NOTE: If new keys are required, you will be responsible for the cost.

3. Winching Service**: If you're stuck in snow, mud or a ditch, Roadside Assistance will arrange for service and pay up to $100 per incident.**Winching Service is considered a recovery service. Servicing facilities will avoid additional damage as much as possible. However, if more damage arises, the facility will not be held liable or accountable. Any such claim should be reported through your vehicle insurance provider.

4. Mechanical Breakdown Towing: Your vehicle will be towed from the breakdown site to your preferred Honda dealer within 100km or to the nearest Honda dealer within 300km.

5. Emergency Transportation: If you have a mechanical breakdown less than 100km from home, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100 for commercial transportation (taxi, bus or train) to take you to your destination and/or back to the Honda dealer.

6. Trip Interruption Benefits: If you have a mechanical breakdown more than 100km from home, you will be accommodated with $500.00 for emergency situations, meals and car rentals.

7. Traffic Accident Services: If you are in an accident less than 100km away from home, Roadside Assistance will arrange to have your vehicle towed from the accident site to your preferred Honda dealer within 100km or to the nearest Honda dealer within 300km.NOTE: This benefit is provided only when no other insurance is provided. A letter from the insurance company confirming this is not covered is required.

8. Emergency Message Service: Roadside Assistance will make a reasonable effort to get a message to your family, friends or coworkers in the event of an emergency regarding you and your vehicle.

9. Dealer Locator Service: The location and phone number of the nearest Honda dealer who obtain original and quality parts will be provided when needed.

Roadside Assistance enhances when you upgrade to Honda Plus. The services listed below are combined with the above and are extended through the Honda Plus Warranty to the length of your plan chosen.

10. The Honda Computerized Trip Routing Service: Call 14 days before your next road trip and Honda Plus will send you an information package that includes a computerized routing map with road and city information and details about popular vacation spots.

11. Car Rental Benefits: If your Honda requires a minimum of five (5) hours of repair, or Honda Canada does not have the required parts, Honda Plus will provide you with $45.00 per day for car rentals for a maximum of five (5) days.NOTE: This cannot be combined with the Trip Interruption Benefit.

12. Tire Road Hazard Service: If your tires become damaged due to a hazardous road and driving your vehicle is unsafe, Honda Plus will cover the installation fees, balancing charges and the value of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tire based on the tread depth at the time of loss.NOTE: Maximum 4 tires and/or repairs.This is a representation and is intended to provide an outline of the Honda Plus Roadside Assistance plan offered. At any time, Honda Canada Inc. has the right to change without notice or obligation. Please refer to the contract for full details of coverage, limitations and exclusions.