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Honda LaneWatch

How to Use Honda LaneWatch?

Number 7 Honda promotes safe and accident-free roads in Woodbridge with the help of HondaSensing technologies. One of the many features included within HondaSensing technologies is Honda LaneWatch. Honda LaneWatch is an innovative feature to help drivers prevent accidents by continuously scanning the passenger side of your Honda when changing or merging lanes. Honda LaneWatch is a camera system installed in the passenger side mirror and pointed toward the vehicle's blind spot. When activated, by turning on your vehicles' turn signals, it displays an image of your blind spot on a 7-inch screen inside your new Honda. That way you have a view of your blind spot without ever having to take your eyes off the road ahead. Although this feature is beneficial in the assistance of accident prevention, the driver is always in complete control. You can easily turn on and off Honda LaneWatch from your multi-informational display screen. Contact Number 7 Honda today for more information on HondaSensing technology.