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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring


Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring


After a long, cold winter, your vehicle has suffered through rough weather, salt and ice, and various road conditions. The sunny, warmer weather provides the ideal chance to prepare your vehicle for spring. Start driving in warmer weather and clear roads with a new vehicle from our inventory at Number 7 Honda. Before spring driving in Woodbridge, ON, various tasks ensure the long life of your vehicle inside and out. Here’s how to get your vehicle ready for spring!


Wash Your Vehicle


Driving your vehicle during the fall and winter leaves dried mud and slush on its lower body. In addition, the various agents used to melt ice have the potential to ruin the body's finish. Giving your car, SUV, or truck a thorough washing helps maintain the paint and protective coating of your vehicle’s exterior.


Swap Your Tires


Spring is the ideal time to swap winter tires for summer ones. Tire pressure is another consideration, as the varying temperature causes pressure changes. This is also a good time to get your tire tread inspected at our trusted Service Centre to ensure safe travel.


Examine Your Headlights


Gravel, salt, and other materials used to add road traction in winter cause problems for headlights. Debris kicked up may gain access into light housings, which have the potential to corrode the wiring. Particles might also damage the headlight lenses. Turn the lights on and closely examine them to make sure they all are functioning properly.


Replace Windshield Wiper Blades and Fluid


Windshields and wiper blades become frozen overnight, which might create rippling or tears along the blade edges, preventing them from making appropriate contact with the windshield and minimizing their cleaning ability. Streaking might also occur, hindering visibility. Replacement blades are relatively inexpensive, and changing them is an easy task that will keep you safe on the road this spring. Ensure you also check the windshield wiper fluid and refill the reservoir if needed.



Change The Oil


Oil changes keep your vehicle healthy and your engine in ideal condition. As the weather gets warmer, oil changes help prevent your engine from overheating. Vehicles require oil changes between seasons due to the different viscosity needed for cold and warm temperatures. Changing your vehicle’s oil is also best paired with swapping your seasonal tires, making this the perfect time of the year to get it done!


Check The Battery


Spring is a good time to check the charge and the cell fluid levels to ensure ongoing optimal use. Check the battery cables and terminals and remove any corrosion, which reduces the battery's performance.


Book a Service Appointment Today


Our expert technicians will help you get your vehicle ready for spring. Schedule a service appointment at our dealership, and we’ll assist with all springtime assessments, necessary repairs, or replacements for an effortless experience!

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