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Driver Information Interface

How to Use the Honda Driver's Information Interface?

Ever wondered how to effectively use the Driver's Information Interface found in your Honda vehicle? At Number 7 Honda of Woodbridge, keeping our customers informed about how to best utilize the latest technological innovations in their vehicle is important to us. Honda's latest safety innovation, the Driver's Information Interface available on many popular models is designed to provide you with as much information as needed to help you understand how your vehicle is performing during your drive. The DII system can be found in the driver console between the tachometer and temperature/fuel gauges. Offering you personalization, customization and a variety of content all at your fingertips.

The Driver's Information Interface can be controlled directly from the steering wheel of the vehicle. With controls available at your fingers, you can choose from available displays by cycling through left and right buttons to view various display options, once you're ready to view the display option in more depth, simply press the centre 'Enter' button to view more. Customization is available for models with display audio. From the home screen, you can change the configuration of the instrument panel allowing you to edit and change the order of the icons so you can create preference settings. Any icons you wish to delete can be removed from the display order allowing you to view only those items you find of interest to you.

The steering wheel-mounted controls provide you with the ability to easily manage and change between options with ease and convenience. You can make a phone call, increase or decrease the volume of your audio output or view additional settings on your display. To learn more about the Driver's Information Interface or to test-drive vehicles with the latest in technological offerings, contact us today and our friendly product advisors will happily assist you.