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Dent and Ding Protection in Woodbridge, ON

Honda Ding and Dent Protection Plan

With Number 7 Honda by your side, protecting your new or pre-owned Honda has never been easier. Why? Our customer-first approach to all who contact us is our primary contributor to success. Our Honda dealership in Woodbridge and our team of Honda experts are satisfied that there is no other car warranty that works harder to deliver prompt, dedicated, and reliable protection when you need it most.

In Canada, the weather can be unpredictable, or road hazards may be unavoidable. From minor scratches you notice after parking your car in a public lot to dings caused by highway debris, accidents happen. Don't let the unforeseen ruin your Honda ownership enjoyment or decrease the value of your vehicle, protect your investment and your driving enjoyment.

Don't Forget To Ask Us How You Can Protect Your Honda

When you purchase a new or used Honda, you may be eligible to lengthen your Honda warranty to cover Honda Dent and Ding Protection. This protection is part of the Honda Plus Owner Comfort Package and is a Honda Warranty you don't want to overlook. Honda Dent and Ding Protection warranties any accidental damage resulting in minor dings and dents up to 2-inches in diameter for up to 7 years, if repairable by a paintless dent removal process.

If you are an automotive consumer in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, or Toronto, searching for a new or used Honda vehicle, please don't forget to ask our knowledgable Number 7 Honda staff about the various Honda warranty plans available.

The Benefits of Dent and Ding Protection and Our Honda Service Centre in Woodbridge, ON

Even the smallest dents can be unsightly to look at, but they should also be repaired by factory-trained Honda technicians to ensure they don't turn into larger problems. Here is why Honda owners need Honda Dent and Ding Protection and why they should trust our authorized Honda dealer Service Centre to repair your Honda.

  • Repairs are completed without cost. Your Honda warranty covers the full value.
  • Our factory-trained technicians are skilled and experienced enough to complete repairs quickly and without delay to you. Often, repairs can be done as swiftly as an oil change.
  • This Honda warranty ensures your car stays in its original condition by removing the unappealing appearance of dents and dings while maintaining the value of your Honda.
  • We yield high-quality results. The factory-finish will remain intact while repairing dents and dings using a paintless dent removal process.

If you require more information or need further assistance with your Honda warranty, contact us.