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A Guide to Your Car’s Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

A Guide to Your Car's Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

A Guide to Your Car's Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

Whether your car is activating one of its many systems or experiencing any issues, it will often tell you so by flashing one of its many dashboard symbols. Your vehicle's symbols vary in colour and importance, and we're here to fill you in on what they mean so you know what course of action to take if anything shows up on your dash. Feel free to consult the following guide and contact us at Number 7 Honda in Woodbridge, Ontario for more information.

Types of Car Dashboard Symbols

Every vehicle is built differently, but by and large, your dashboard symbols' colours will tell you how severe or pressing the alert is. A green or blue symbol often just means one of your systems is currently operating, while an orange or yellow symbol will tell you your car needs tending to sooner than later. If a red symbol appears on your dash, then odds are your vehicle requires immediate attention at our Service Centre.

What Are the Most Common Dashboard Warning Lights?

Oil Pressure Warning

Oil Pressure Warning:

This alert will often appear if your oil level is low, and we recommend checking it and refilling your reservoir as soon as you can, as low oil levels can damage your engine components. If the symbol persists after you've topped up your oil, we suggest getting your car looked at by one of our technicians.

Tire Pressure Warning

Tire Pressure Warning:

If one or several of your tires needs some air, the Tire Pressure Warning alert will tell you so. Take your vehicle to your nearest gas station and inflate them to your car's recommended PSI, and if the alert stays on afterward, it's best to get your vehicle checked for a leaky tire or a malfunction in your monitoring system. Should you need some new rubber, our Tire Centre can provide you with a set that suits your car best.

Engine Temperature Warning

Engine Temperature Warning:

As a red alert, the Engine Temperature Warning means your engine is overheating and requires immediate attention. This issue is often due to low coolant levels or a coolant leak. Pull over, shut the engine, and pop the hood after your engine has cooled down before checking your coolant levels. After that, we recommend getting your car towed to our Service Centre for the care it needs.

Low Fuel Indicator

Low Fuel Indicator:

This alert is pretty self-explanatory and one we're all familiar with. Driving on low fuel can lead to damage to your fuel system over the long term, which is why we suggest you avoid taking any chances and hit your nearest gas station.

Airbag Indicator

Airbag Indicator:

Your Airbag Indicator appears if there's an issue with one of your airbags or with the entire system. Your airbags are paramount to your safety, so we strongly suggest getting the issue diagnosed at our Service Centre as soon as this alert shows up on your dash.

Washer Fluid Indicator

Washer Fluid Indicator:

If you've neglected your washer fluid levels, this alert will make an appearance on your dashboard. It's no secret your wipers and windshield are integral to your visibility, so remember to fill your reservoir with washer fluid as soon as you can.

Traction Control

Traction Control:

If any wet, snowy, or slippery surfaces are affecting your traction, your vehicle's traction control system will get to work, and its corresponding alert will appear on your dash. Once the system has applied the brakes to the wheel that's spinning more than the others to restore your stability, this dash symbol should disappear.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Warning

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Warning:

If ever you brake hard on a slippery road, your ABS system will kick in and keep your wheels from locking up. Should this warning light stay on your dash once you've regained traction, we recommend getting a diagnosis from one of our technicians.

Check Engine Warning

Check Engine Warning:

The Check Engine Warning could be due to something as simple as a loose gas cap or a greater issue under the hood. If your warning light is red and/or flashing, stop driving immediately and get your vehicle to our Service Centre without delay.

Battery Alert

Battery Alert:

The Battery Alert light means your charging system is experiencing some problems, whether due to a faulty alternator or a damaged cable. At Number 7 Honda, we can diagnose the root cause of any battery issues and, if needed, fit your car with a new one to get your charging and electrical systems back in working order.

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