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Honda Cross Traffic Monitor

Safety That Covers All Sides of Your Honda

While most prominent safety features outline protection for the front and back of your vehicle, has anyone stopped to question if there are safety features to monitor the traffic on either side of your vehicle. When safety falls short, the result impacts us all. There's good news though, in a recent census, the number of fatalities, serious injuries, and total injuries in Canada dropped to an all-time low. We like to think Honda played a big part in that, but there's still a long road ahead. Number 7 Honda aids in the promotion of safer roads in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, and Bolton by introducing new and pre-owned Honda models that include HondaSensing technologies, that stay ahead of the pack with innovative features like Honda Cross-Traffic Monitor.

What Is Honda Cross Traffic Monitor and How Does It Work?

If you find it tricky to back out of parking spots, then you are going to love using Honda's Cross Traffic Monitor. Honda Cross Traffic Monitor is a safety feature that works with your Honda's backup camera to let you know if other vehicles are approaching from the left or right rear corners.

The Honda Cross Traffic Monitor uses sensors on the back corners of your Honda to detect if vehicles are coming from within 82 ft on either side. If a vehicle is detected, it will notify the driver with an audio and visual alert on the backup camera feed, displaying an arrow on the side of the approaching vehicle. However, it is important to always visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up. This monitor is used to assist Honda drivers, and may not detect all objects behind or to the side of a vehicle. System accuracy will vary based on weather conditions, the size of the object, and the speed you are travelling.

The Cross-Traffic Monitor safety feature is automatically turned on by default. You can easily turn this feature on and off. Contact us for more information or follow these steps:

  • Select Settings from the Home Screen
  • Then select Camera
  • Locate Cross Traffic Monitor
  • You can now choose to turn this feature on or off
  • Click Save and you're done

Test Drive A Honda Vehicle Today

If you want to learn more about HondaSensing technologies, and the Honda Cross Traffic Monitor feature, we recommend you schedule a time to test drive a new Honda model vehicle equipped with this safety feature. Don't forget to ask our Number 7 Honda Finance Specialists about promotions, incentives, and special finance/lease options available when you purchase a new or certified pre-owned Honda.