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Honda Car Wash Mode

Honda Car Wash Mode

Don't let this winter season leave your Honda looking weathered and seasoned, keep your Honda looking fresh while properly placing your Honda in Car Wash Mode. If you are driving through a car wash, regardless of whether you or an attendant remain in the vehicle, follow these steps while the engine is on to engage the Honda Car Wash Mode feature:

  • Press and hold the brake pedal.
  • Press and release N (Neutral)
  • Press and hold N again for 2 seconds. Press the Engine Start/Stop button, the engine remains on, and the transmission remains in Neutral.

It is important to remember that your vehicle will only remain in Neutral for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the gear position changes to Park and the vehicle turns off.

While Honda Car Wash Mode is a convenience feature, it is a reminder of the advanced technology accessible by Honda Owners across Canada. The best way to truly experience Honda is to test drive your favourite Honda model at Number 7 Honda. Contact us today for more information about Honda's convenience features and Honda Car Wash Mode.