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Honda Maintenance Minder

Honda Maintenance Minder | Number 7 Honda

What Do Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Mean?

With advanced technology at our fingertips, you don't have to be mechanically inclined to know when your car needs attention. Your Honda will let you know when service is required. When travelling the roads of Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, and Toronto, if your car displays the "Maintenance Due Soon" message, your Honda may be telling you that it is time to have it checked out.

Honda Maintenance Minder tells you when your Honda needs service and why. You just have to understand the codes. Luckily, Honda service codes are an easy language to learn, and Number 7 Honda is here to help you recognize them. An Oil Life message will be followed by an alphanumeric code displayed on the same screen. Below is a list of the messages, codes, and subcodes and what they mean.


Oil Life

  • 15% indicates service is due soon. Schedule an appointment at Number 7 Honda Service Centre for maintenance.
  • 5% means service is required now. Bring your car to our Service Centre as soon as possible.
  • 0% means service is past due. Take your vehicle to our location or any other authorized Honda Service Centre near you for maintenance care.


A - Change Oil and Filter

B - Replace the engine oil and filter. Also, inspect various components and systems that include front and rear brake cleaning and lubrication, adjust parking brake, and perform an in-depth inspection of the brake components.


0 - Perform a multi-point inspection.

1 - Check tire pressure and condition, and rotate tires.

2 - Replace air cleaner element (cabin and engine air filters), replace dust and pollen filter, and check the drive belt.

3 - Flush and replace transfer fluid and transmission fluid.

4 - Replace the timing belt and spark plugs and inspect valve clearance and water pump.

5 - Flush and replace engine coolant.

6 - Replace rear differential fluid.

7 - Flush and replace brake fluid.

How Does Honda Maintenance Minder Work?

The Honda maintenance minder uses data from engine operating conditions to calculate the remaining engine oil life and display that information to the driver as a percentage. With everything else going on in your day to day life, trying to remember your service intervals can now be obsolete. The engine oil life is displayed starting at 100% and can monitor your oil life percentage over time as you put kilometres on the vehicle.

Let Number 7 Honda Service Your Vehicle

Number 7 Honda is an authorized dealer for Honda owners in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Brampton, Toronto. You don't have to give your Honda a second thought when you come in for your scheduled service appointment at Number 7 Honda. Our technicians are factory-trained Honda experts and are authorized to service your car as needed. No one knows Honda better than our Number 7 Honda technicians. Contact us today or conveniently schedule your service appointment online.

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