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Buying: The Next Step

We appreciate you selecting Number 7 Honda as your dealership of choice! It's now time to finalize your new purchase by meeting with one of our Financial Services Manager.

Each one of our Financial Services Manager acts as a representative of the bank and our manufacturer as they review all legal documents pertaining to your newly purchased Honda. Our trained professionals will examine the agreement made with your Sales Representative to confirm details such as the settled price for the vehicle, your monthly payments, length of term, deposit amount and your credit application. They will also thoroughly explain your purchase or lease contract; ensuring you completely understand the terms and conditions. You will then be able to review our extended warranties and protection programs available for your new vehicle.

Throughout our protection programs, you'll be able to choose from packages that will protect your vehicle's appearance, wear and tear damages and from theft. The Financial Services Manager may suggest a certain protection depending on your driving habits.

Once you have chosen whether or not any of our protection programs are suitable for you, you will be asked to sign the bill of sale to complete the transaction. The Financial Services Manager will then explain everything you need to bring upon the day scheduled for pickup.

We hope your new Honda treats you well!