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Brake Servicing

Brakes are an essential safety feature for you and your vehicle and a complete brake servicing ensures everything is in working order. A full brake servicing may include rebuilding or replacing high mileage calipers, replacing drum brake hardware, resurfacing rotors, changing the brake fluid, examining the parking brake and the ABS system. Overlooking these functions may have no immediate impact on the braking system but will eventually begin to deteriorate and break down.

What can go wrong?

As time wears on, caliper seals harden, pistons corrode and brake pads become contaminated by fluid leaks or grease and ultimately break down the braking system. Without a full brake servicing, disastrous repairs will result in a costly restoration.
What can you do?

Be cautious of any brake system warning signs such as a grinding noise when braking, brake pedal pulsates up and down when pressed, your vehicle loses grip under braking, etc. If anything feels out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to seek professional help. Always get a proper brake servicing done when necessary.