Honda and GM Team up to Take Fuel Cell Technology to the Next Level

Hydrogen fuel cell technology - so hot right now - hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Many may recognize the above as an altered-movie quote, but we at NUMBER 7 HONDA thinks it's quite indicative of the present, where many automakers are devoting much of their time and resources to the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and a new infrastructure for drivers.

Furthermore, two of these automakers (Honda and GM) are so devoted to the cause, that they're ignoring their competitive inclinations with one another, and banding together to work on the larger picture bringing hydrogen fuel technology to our country and even right here to Woodbridge, ON.

Quite the feat, but if anyone can do it we believe these two companies are up for the job. That's because Honda is known for being the first automaker to offer a fuel cell electric automobile through retail sale and GM is known for its tremendous number of fuel-cell patents between 2002 and 2012.

The partnership which GM and Honda entered into is being referred to as a long-term definitive master agreement and as for a time frame, the two companies are looking at 2020 for a year of completion, slightly longer than that of other automakers' partnerships, but knowing the parties involved, will likely be more sophisticated and innovative.

We certainly can't wait to learn more about GM and Honda's efforts and the way they contribute to the great development of next-generation fuel cell technology. If you too are interested in this new project, then we invite you to keep following along with the NUMBER 7 HONDA blog using your RSS feed.

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