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Battery Testing & Information

Everything you need to know about your vehicle's battery:

The battery brings your vehicle to life by providing a jolt of electricity which powers the electrical components. A battery also keeps the electric current steady which stabilizes the voltage and allows you to keep your vehicle running. On average, a battery tends to last between 3-5 years, but can weaken sooner due to intense driving habits and extreme elements.

Testing and maintaining a battery is simple, which is why it's important to get your battery tested before the cold weather sets in. Did you know: during low temperatures, your vehicle's battery only works up to about 40% of its available capacity, putting additional stress on the other electrical parts? Here at Number 7 Honda, we want to make things easy for our customers which is why we're offering a
free battery testing to ensure your Honda is at full capacity. Our diagnostic will be able to estimate the temperature at which your battery may fail and provide an assessment as to how much life your battery has left.

Simply having your battery tested can prevent a lot of unforeseen hassle, but here are some symptoms that may warn you that your battery is on its last push:

1. Slow engine start:
When you attempt you start your vehicle, the cranking of the engine is slower than usual and takes longer to start is a major symptom of battery failure.

2. The battery looks swollen:
Caused by excessive heat, your battery may begin to swell or bloat which could indicate a bad battery.

3. Rotten smell:
If there's an unsettling smell of rotten eggs around your battery, this could mean your battery is leaking. Leaking will cause corrosion and may prevent your vehicle from starting.

Avoid these symptoms and stop worrying about being stranded. Have a peace of mind all season long. Come see us today for your free battery testing!

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