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How to Increase Your Fuel Economy with Tires

How to Increase Your Fuel Economy with Tires

Your tires have a direct impact on your fuel consumption rate. This is because, when you're driving, your tires are in direct contact with the road, causing friction known as rolling resistance. Your tire's rolling resistance can either increase or lower your fuel consumption, regardless of the tire brand.

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The Importance of Tire Pressure to Fuel Consumption

Tire pressure is responsible for maintaining the stability of your vehicle. Optimum tire pressure differs from vehicle to vehicle. The correct tire pressure (refer to your owner's manual) simplifies your car operation leading to low fuel consumption and vice versa.

Importance of Wheel Alignment to Fuel Consumption

When the wheels of your vehicle are misaligned, the rolling resistance increases. Increased rolling resistance requires a lot more energy to get into speed, increasing fuel consumption. By keeping your vehicle's wheels aligned, you can enjoy a smoother drive and reduce fuel consumption.

Importance of Tire Tread Depth to Fuel Consumption

It's essential to frequently measure your vehicle's tread depth because tire tread depth gives your car its road-gripping, acceleration, brake, and cornering abilities. Sufficient tire tread depth reduces wear and rolling resistance leading to reduced fuel consumption.

Use Your Tires To Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

Below are some ways tires can increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires ensure that your vehicle's weight is evenly distributed, leading to stability. A stable vehicle requires less energy to drive, resulting in low fuel usage.
  • Don't overload your vehicle. When you overload your car, resistance increases, causing your engine to overwork. When the engine overworks, your vehicle consumes more fuel.
  • Use the correct wheel size. Your wheel's size should be directly proportional to your tire size-fit small tires on small wheels and vice versa for improved fuel consumption efficiency.
  • Choose lightweight tires. Light tires such as those made from alloy reduce your vehicle's rolling resistance, lowering the energy required. That leads to reduced fuel consumption.

Service Your Tires At Number 7 Honda in Woodbridge, Ontario

Car maintenance is critical to improving your fuel economy. During routine maintenance appointments, ask our technicians to check the condition of your tires. Our service technician checks for tire-related issues such as tread depth, wheel alignment, and tire pressure.

For questions about how you can reduce your fuel consumption and maintain your tires, talk to our Service Centre. We can help you devise a maintenance schedule that will help keep your tires in check and your fuel consumption low.

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