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Wheel Alignment is the measurement of complex suspensions angles and components which influences the vehicle's handling and tire wear whereby the wheels are aligned to point in line with the direction of rotation. The angles of the wheels need adjusting so that they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground; which extends the life of your tire and ensures straight positioning while on the road.

What can go wrong?

Every day driving will eventually put your wheels out of alignment; driving over potholes, hitting curbs and excessive wear to the steering and suspension components. This will become evident when the vehicle begins to drift left or right during braking or steering. Misaligned tires will result
in premature tire wear and poor fuel exertion due to the engine working harder to overcome the rolling resistance from the wheels.

What can you do?

Since cars can go longer between services, you should be checking your tires for damage, irregular wear and the pressure to ensure each tire functions at its highest potential a couple of times a month. Be sure to have the vehicle inspected if any symptoms of misalignment occurs.