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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning's main principles are evaporation and condensation, then compression and expansion, so it not only cools the air down, it also reduces the moisture content and humidity. There are five main components to your air conditioning system; the Compressor, Condenser, Receiver-dryer, Expansion valve and the Evaporator. Each of these modules works hard to produce cold air as the refrigerant fluid cools and dehumidifies the indoor air while providing lubrication to protect the engine.

What can go wrong?

When it's winter time, you rarely (if at all) turn your air conditioner on and because of this; condensation is created within the pipework. When the condensation begins to combine with the heat from the engine, an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold commences. Besides unpleasant smells, this can result in sore throats as well as allergic reactions.

What can you do?
On a hot day, lower the windows to allow the hot air to escape and set the system to recirculate. As you start to drive, the hot air escapes making it easier for the system to cool already cooled air. Remember, although air conditioners are low maintenance, they are not maintenance free! Have it regularly serviced by trained technicians to maintain its effectiveness.