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How to use Adaptive Cruise Control With Low Speed Folow

What is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow?

With leading safety systems, Honda vehicles are equipped with the latest in technological offers to ensure your commute is safe and you're informed about the conditions of the road ahead. At Number 7 Honda of Woodbridge, Ontario, our popular models are equipped with ACC. The system is designed to maintain cruising speed and utilizing a radar unit and windshield unit on your vehicle, the system will automatically slow the vehicle speed when approaching a vehicle in front of you. The cruise speed is automatically set and can be modified based on your input within the cruise control options found on the steering wheel.

How to Use ACC with Low-Speed Follow

Once you've set the cruising speed of your vehicle, you can modify and select the stop distance for your vehicle using the options as shown in the display. The ACC system will show you various stop distance lengths to help you decide on when the system should be activated. There are four options to choose from, short, middle, long, and extra-long distance. With Low-Speed Follow, your Honda will automatically begin to slow once the threshold for the determined and preset follow distance has been identified. As your vehicle begins to approach another vehicle in front of it, your vehicle will begin to reduce speed from the set cruising speed to ensure your safety and avoid a collision. If the vehicle in front of you should make a full stop, your Honda will automatically apply brake until a full stop is achieved and you will receive a message on your vehicle's display. When the vehicle in front of you begins to accelerate once more, the vehicle icon in your dashboard display will begin blinking. To resume operation simply press the 'RES +' button on your steering wheel. To cancel all operations, simply press the cancel button and depress the brake pedal. To learn more about ACC and how Honda's innovative safety technology can assist you, contact us today. Our friendly and expert product advisors will happily assist you.