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Accord vs C300

2019 1.5T Accord

The 2019 Honda Accord is a vehicle that will not disappoint you in terms of interior or exterior. With a 1.5 L, 16 valuve direct injection, 4-cylinder engine it will take you where you want to go in style. The Touring model comes with 19" aluminum-alloy wheels and can be driven in sport, regular or ECON mode. The steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that come on the touring model allow you to have more freedom while you drive. Wouldn't it be great if you could drive a vehicle that had rain sensing windshield wipers? What about a dimming rear-view mirror that automatically adjusted based on your surroundings? The Honda Accord comes with both, along with many other great features.

Lets talk about the interior. Once you sit in this vehicle, you will never want to get out! In the Touring model, your driver's sear has position memory, so even if someone else drives your vehicle, you can always adjust it back to your standards with the simple push of a button. Both driver and passenger seats come equipped with 4-way power adjustment, perforated leather trimmed seating surfaces, a leather wrapped steering wheel and much more. Another great feature in the Honda Accord is that you will get both heated and ventilated front seats. This car will keep you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter.The 2019 Honda Accord comes with innovative technology that will not only keep you entertained, it will also keep you safe. This model comes equipped with many great Honda Safety features that give the driver more confidence. With HomeLink remote system, you can program your vehicle to operate up to three remote controlled features around your home- this can include the garage door, lights or even a home security system! This model even comes with wireless charging for a mobile device for your convenience. Most vehicles come equipped with a back up camera, however the Honda Accord has a multi angle rear view camera!

All in all, the 2019 Honda Accord is a remarkable vehicle that is perfect for an individual or a family!

2019 Mercedes C300

The 2019 Mercedes C300 is a vehicle that is beautiful on the outside and stylish on the inside. On the exterior, you will find standard new LED headlamps that offer brighter light by night and a mouth dropping design by day. This vehicle offers 9 speeds, 4MATIC all wheel drive, a twin-scroll turbo direct injection and 255 HP. You can also drive this vehicle in 5 different modes that will alter, shift points, throttle response and steering feel. This option allows you to have more control in winter weather and have more fun in dry weather.

In terms of the interior of the vehicle, the sculpted cabin is both functional to the driver and packed with features! The digital instrument cluster is now 12.3 inches and the centre screen comes in at 10.25 inches. Steering wheel touchpads allow the driver to scroll, swipe and select tons of features while maintaining your focus on the road.

Mercedes also offers a new generation of technologies that include driver assists, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Another technology that is worth mentioning is the COMAND, which brings you voice control for navigation, audio and cabin features. The Mercedes also offers wireless charging for your devices, as well as use your smartphone to control your vehicle (remote start). The last great feature we want to mention is that the cabin has 64 available LED colours you can change, depending on your mood!

At A Glance

In terms of price, Mercedes C300 starts at $46,100. In comparison, the Honda Accord Touring Package starts at $37,976. This is a difference of almost $10,000 for many of the same features! The Mercedes C300 has a basic warranty of four years or 80,000 kms. Honda offers a power train warranty for five years or 100,000 kms.

We truly believe that the Honda Accord has more value and we welcome you into our dealership to test drive one of our vehicles.

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