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What is Honda VTEC and does it affect the performance of a Honda equipped with VTEC engine?

The Honda VTEC system stands for "Variable Timing Electronic Control". It is a technology that is intended to improve the overall performance of a Honda engine. Honda engines that have the VTEC system are far more superior in performance to those without.

What makes Number 7 Honda unique compared to other dealerships?

At Number 7 Honda, we try to think long-term about our business plan and believe it's important to earn your business not only today, but maintain a relationship throughout by treating our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve. We understand how important and stressful the car buying and servicing experience can be, so we do everything we can to make it easier; we've extended our service hours, provide a car wash with each service and offer free coffee and snacks at our caf

Why are oil changes and other services costlier at your dealership?

We provide our customers with authentic products, guaranteeing our work to exceed your expectations. Our dealership provides a "lowest oil price guarantee" for all vehicles as of 2011 that use 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil. We have made a tremendous gain at offering the best prices for all services, including genuine Honda parts.

How frequently do I need to bring in my car for an oil change/general maintenance? Is it based on time or mileage?

On average, general maintenance is required between 8,000 - 10,000kms. As of 2006, all Honda vehicles are equipped with an onboard maintenance minder system to alert and notify you when your vehicle is in need of servicing, whether it's something major or small, like an oil change. The determination is based on the individual's driving habits.

When is the best time of day and/or day of the week to have my car serviced?

It's difficult to pinpoint the best time to have your car serviced because unexpected incidents occur daily. We strive to be flexible, available and efficient for all our customers every time. There is a program on our website that conveniently allows you to book your next appointment which sends you an immediate confirmation email, available 24/7.

Is it better to lease or finance?

It's best to ask yourself these questions: what is the purpose of this purchase; business or pleasure? How much can you afford? How often do you like to upgrade to a new vehicle? And finally, how many kilometres will you be driving? Answering these questions may lead you to the best option for you and your new vehicle, based on your lifestyle. If you can't afford a larger down payment, it's better to lease; allowing yourself to provide smaller payments over a period of time. Although you will also have payments when financing, eventually those will stop, making your vehicle fully-owned. To learn more information about leasing and financing, click here.

How do I know I'm getting the best price for a vehicle?

We can tell you that it's not always about the price. Another dealer will almost always beat the price by a few dollars. As a customer, you should feel comfortable with both the sales representative and the dealership. Be sure to do some research to check for vehicle availability as well as all manufacture rebates and/or specials. At Number 7 Honda, we are focused on earning your business and would rather make a small profit on a lot of car sales than a large amount on fewer car sales.

What loyalty programs are offered for repeat customers?

>As a whole, Honda has a loyalty program that offers a 1% rate reduction if the customer has a current lease or finance. At Number 7 Honda, we are committed to our new and existing customers. We have an extensive database of history for our clients whom have purchased and serviced their car here at our dealership, so we take that into consideration when you come in. At this point in time, we are exploring options for an advanced loyalty program and will be offering one shortly.

Will Number 7 Honda give some trade value for my vehicle that has high mileage?

Every car has a trade value, even if it's for scrap piece at the very least. All trade-ins are looked at by management and then shipped around via wholesalers, online auctions as well as independent dealers to get the best value for the car. Once the value has been determined, it is then passed on to the consumer. Taxes are paid on the different after the trade is applied.

Can I come in and upgrade with no penalty if my lease is up next year?

There is an option for an early lease termination. The factors include: the current mileage, any accident or insurance claims, the market value of that particular car, current manufacturer programs and incentives and how well kept the vehicle is. For example, a 2012 CR-V EX-L with 9 months remaining with a payout of $19,500 + HST is well maintained, no accidents and is below the average mileage, they are able to end their lease early. But if the same car had above average mileage, needs body work, was in a $5,500 accident, it will have negative equity. Although it's still possible for an upgrade, the negative equity will be put into the new deal and payments.

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