Honda Maintenance Minder

At Number 7 Honda, we understand that everyday life can be hectic. So, to help Honda owners know when scheduled maintenance is due; Honda has introduced the Maintenance Minder System. Allow Number7Honda Service Department and Honda help you keep your Honda running smoothly day after day with a little help from Honda's Maintenance Minder.

How does the Honda Maintenance Minder work?

Since Honda no longer has a recommended maintenance time or mileage schedule, Honda has created the Maintenance Minder System to show the engine oil life in the information display. This system helps you save time and money by letting you know when the engine oil needs replacing, and maintenance is due. The system displays engine oil life as a percentage. Your vehicle will start with 100% oil life and over as kilometers accumulate on your Honda it will decrease to 0% indicating the oil life is over.

In order to accurately determine the percentage of oil life, the onboard computer system in your Honda continuously monitors the engine operating conditions such as speed, engine, temperature, time, and vehicle use. The system will count down the vehicle's oil life based on these conditions to determine when an engine oil change and maintenance is necessary.

Honda Maintenance Minder | Number 7 Honda

Maintenance Sub-Symbols

Main Item A

Replace engine oil.


Main Item 0

Replace engine oil and filter.


Main Item B/B1/09

Replace engine oil and filter.

Service front and rear brakes.

Check parking brake adjustments.

Rotate tires, inspect for wear, adjust pressure.

Inspect tie rod ends, steering gearbox and boots.

Inspect suspension components.

Inspect driveshaft boots.

Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS).

Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids.

Inspect exhaust system.

Inspect fuel lines and connections.



Sub-Item 1 - Expect every 8 - 19K

Rotate tires, inspect for wear, adjust pressure.


Sub-Item 2 - Expect every 40 - 49K

Replace air cleaner element.

Replace dust and pollen filter.

Inspect and adjust drive belt.

Sub-Item 3 - Automatic Transmission/

Continuously Variable Transmission*

Replace automatic transmission fluid.

Replace transfer case fluid (4WD Trucks).


Sub-Item 3 - Manual Transmission*

Expect every 95 - 109K

Replace manual transmission fluid.


Sub-Item 4 - Expect every 160 - 169K

Replace spark plugs.

Replace timing belt and inspect water pump (V6 only). Inspect valve clearance.


Sub-Item 5 - Expect first 175 - 184K and subsequent 80K

Replace engine coolant.


Sub-Item 6 - Expect first 15 - 24K

and subsequent 50K

Replace rear differential fluid (4WD Trucks, S2000).

Sub- Item 7 - Every 3 Years

Replace Brake Fluid.

Sub-Item 9

Service front and rear brakes. 

Check parking brake adjustments.

Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots.

Inspect driveshaft boots.

Inspect brake hoses ad lines (Including ABS/VSA).

Check all fluid levels and conditions of fluids.

Inspect exhaust system.

Inspect fuel lines and connections. 

What does the percentage displayed indicate?

The below are recommendations on steps to take when the Maintenance Minder displays the following percentages:

  • 15% - Service is due soon. Plan to take your vehicle for maintenance. Schedule a service appointment at Number7Honda service department
  • 5% - Service is due now. Bring your vehicle to Number7Honda Service Department for immediate maintenance.
  • 0% - Service is past due. Your vehicle service is overdue. Bring your Honda to Number7Honda for service now.