Canadian Maintenance Minder

Keep your Honda running at its best by following the Honda Maintenance Service Minder below.

Our highly trained service professionals are committed to helping you reach those high mileage milestones with little to no mechanical problems in between. If your car, truck or SUV is in need of a checkup, simply schedule an appointment online today.

Main Item A
Replace engine oil.

Main Item 0
Replace engine oil and filter.

Main Item B/B1/09
Replace engine oil and filter.
Service front and rear brakes.
Check parking brake adjustments.
Rotate tires, inspect for wear, adjust pressure.
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gearbox and boots.
Inspect suspension components.
Inspect driveshaft boots.
Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS).
Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids.
Inspect exhaust system.
Inspect fuel lines and connections.

Maintenance Sub-Symbols

Sub-Item 1 - Expect every 8 - 19K
Rotate tires, inspect for wear, adjust pressure.

Sub-Item 2 - Expect every 40 - 49K
Replace air cleaner element.
Replace dust and pollen filter.
Inspect and adjust drive belt.

Sub-Item 3 - Automatic Transmission/
Continuously Variable Transmission*
Replace automatic transmission fluid.
Replace transfer case fluid (4WD Trucks).

Sub-Item 3 - Manual Transmission*
Expect every 95 - 109K
Replace manual transmission fluid.

Sub-Item 4 - Expect every 160 - 169K
Replace spark plugs.
Replace timing belt and inspect water pump (V6 only).
Inspect valve clearance.

Sub-Item 5 - Expect first 175 - 184K
and subsequent 80K
Replace engine coolant.

Sub-Item 6 - Expect first 15 - 24K
and subsequent 50K
Replace rear differential fluid (4WD Trucks, S2000).

Sub- Item 7 - Every 3 Years
Replace Brake Fluid.

Sub-Item 9
Service front and rear brakes 
Check parking brake adjustments
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
Inspect driveshaft boots
Inspect brake hoses ad lines (Including ABS/VSA)
Check all fluid levels and conditions of fluids
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect fuel lines and connections